Check ionic platform is browser or Mobile Device

In Ionic application development there will be several instances where you wanna target browser and mobile device differently. By using below code you can check ionic platform.

As soon as ionic.platform is ready, you can check weather‘browser’) is true or false. Based on Also Read:  Get user ip using Javascript/jQuery  Run pm2 with Environmental Variable

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Things that every React Developer should know

I have started learning React JS around 6 months before and i love learning it day by day. React JS is a library which is used to build UI.In React JS is that, you build your application UI as a combination of Components. It provides code maintainability and high flexibility to design as whole UI consists of very small components.  Also React JS use virtual DOM to re-render components when any change happen in the Component and it’s blazing fast. In this article i have included concepts which i think React Developer should know. This post assumes that you are …

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