Life is beautiful

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275433-life-is-beautifulLife is really beautiful, you just have to be patient, learner, curious & know how to enjoy. There is always a morning after a long night. You can never be the same man as you use to be but wise man is who, who can be even better after all the changes he had gone through. There are lot of things that you might lost in that dark night but man should constantly try to regain what he had lost as somebody wisely said there is nothing impossible in this world.

Today after a long time i again start writing again. After all these 25 yrs i have learned lot of things, lost some of my close one , found some, to whom i can trust & cry on their shoulder. Life is like a boat in sea, sometime you face the high tides while sometime you can enjoy the cool breeze of air & calmness in that water but thing you need to keep in mind is you can’t stop in all those variant state.

Thoughts of the day:

— Dream big , Believe in you dreams and finally do everything you can to achieve them.

— You can’t make the same mistake again. Second time, it’s not a mistake it’s a choice.

— Nothing is impossible because it itself say¬† I M POSSIBLE (My favorite quote).

— In the best sunny day, be prepared for heavy rain, thunderstorm and high wind.

— Be pessimistic, day comes after dark night.

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