A fresh start of Life

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My life was very smooth & happy a year back and within a year i had lost everything i had. Love, money, inspiration, self image and everything i had. I made terrible mistakes, even try hard to fix some of things & lost in black hole of my thoughts. Now i left with nothing. Yesterday i was sitting in my house holding my head full of pain. For a time being it feels like i got so much burden on my head and no string is left to pull off now. Honestly speaking, i even got life ending thoughts.


I spend a day thinking how can i move ahead with new life and tried to think of all the possible ways out. I got some ways which is very rough to start with but i think i should really choose one of it.


Thought Of the Day : Never enter a dark side of life, it may feel very lucrative and promise to fulfil your dreams in shortest span of time but believe me it’s not right and you will end up losing all at the end. Always choose what is right.


Today i finally decided & build a courage to start a life which i not exactly what i was dreaming lately but it’s more of towards a dream which i had in my mind from the start. Let’s start a  journey to fresh start of life.


During dark phase of my life i have learn various things.


  1. It’s very easy to say things to other but it’s very hard to go though yourself.
  2. Never leave your happiness depends to others, it may or may not lead you to happy life.
  3. You can Love someone unconditionally & do everything for them but it’s up to them weather they are able to walk with you, stay on their promises and everything they had told you. But still love is the best feeling you can have.
  4. Don’t get egoist because you had earn money and other things because it take just a matter of time to lost everything. Earning good people and knowledge in your life is better and not that easy to loose.
  5. Thoughts are very powerful, thoughts leads to perception, which starts feels like reality. So you should have a power to control your thoughts otherwise it can leads to a worse of your life.


I hope with new thoughts & inspiration, i will be able to sleep well during nights and able to move on for something good. May GOD bless me with this fresh start of life and let me move my life towards peace.



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