Firebase + Ionic issues

I had started working on Firebase in my last Project couple of days back. It was a quite fun working with such a awesome cloud based back-end service with build in API’s and features like Authentication, database and Storage. But i had to deal with some of Firebase-ionic issues. You can find more info here. If you are new to Firebase then i will highly recommend you going through Official Documentation + Video tutorial. I was working on building hybrid application using Ionic + Cordova +Angularfire + Firebase. I am writing this because i faced couple of issues while working …

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Check ionic platform is browser or Mobile Device

In Ionic application development there will be several instances where you wanna target browser and mobile device differently. By using below code you can check ionic platform.

As soon as ionic.platform is ready, you can check weather‘browser’) is true or false. Based on Also Read:  Get user ip using Javascript/jQuery  Run pm2 with Environmental Variable

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Different Ways to Debug and Test Ionic App

I had just completed my first project using Ionic + Cordova Framework this week. I had wasted initially huge amount of time because i was not known of all the possible ways available for testing & debugging Ionic App. So now I thought of writing a article which list all the possible way available for Debug and Test Ionic App. I think this article would able to help guy’s who are starting of with Ionic Framework. Let’s first go with little bit of introduction of Ionic Framework. Ionic Framework can be used to developed mobile Apps which can work on Android as well as …

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