Lot of questions??????

Lot of questions?????? Life is not a fair game. Life is a suffering but we are trying to create happiness out of it. Some of us are successful up-to some point but still compromising at some defined lines.   I think we all know everything we should be doing, even before this world start telling us. But we are not doing that, instead we are making excuses day by day. Why we are not doing things we are supposed to do? Is it that we are actually unable to do those things? Is it that we actually setup expectation very …

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How to update node on mac

I was reading some documentation and i got to know that i need to upgrade my node version. you can check your current node js version by typing this.

Here is the quick way to update node JS version.  First of all just update your Homebrew package manager.

After Homebrew got updated. Now you can update your node js version.

After it updated. Try checking your updating node version.


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Hash vs chunkhash vs ContentHash

From last some days, i was thinking of writing this blog but got too busy with other things. Tonight i get some time on writing on this topic. This particular blog post i have not published here, This is actually published on medium.com. You can read full blog post by clicking here.   I also had written webpack 1 to webpack 2 migration blog post which you can read by clicking the link.   It’s too late tonight, almost morning now. I should take some nap now.    

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Migration to webpack-2

Recently i have done webpack migration for our React redux project to Webpack 2. There are lot of syntax changes was there (Which i will explain below) that needs to be made. Also webpack also provides features like Tree shaking, Caching, dynamic imports etc which leads to change in compilation time and bundle sizes. Let me give little overview of what all major syntax changes for migration and than we will discuss various feature to improve webpack bundling process. 1. Module.loaders changed to module.rules: In webpack 1, modules.loaders got changed to module.rules, loaders names array is changed to use.         …

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Getting hands on with Shell Scripting

From a long back i wanted to get my hands dirty with Shell script language. I just love commanding Kernel to do things that it can do like File processing, Getting hardware information etc. I just started from pretty much basic stuff. First of all, i started looking for tutorials that can provide me syntax of all basic commands. I started with one website and after a hour or two, i started felling bored of reading stuff (Awwwww!!! I was never good at reading stuff). After this i started searching for Video tut and i find one which have all …

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