Two day journey of building

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Two weeks back, i got a call from stranger that he wants me to work on his project. I was supposed to have time in coming days, so i agreed to work on the project. Next day, i started working on project. Client provide me design and content for the website. Some interns had already toughed some part of project but those parts was so poorly written, i decided to rewrite most of it.

You can check out the final website here. This is how landing page looks like for various devices.

Desktop View:

Layout for landing page was simple and clean. Here are some of the screenshot for education page.



I have learned some of the things while doing this project. If you wanna checkout full website, here is the link for that.


Overall i love working on this particular project. The communication and response time from client was also good. Below are the feedback that i finally got from client on Linkedin.


During any freelancing project, below things should be consider very carefully.

Commit price & timeline very carefully:

At starting, i thought i will be able to complete the project in one day but it stretches to two day timeline. Because any project never gets completed in single iteration. Most of time, it’s 2-3 iterations that you will have to go through which include fixing responsive bugs, making images switch at various breakpoints, animation changes etc.

As you start putting efforts beyond your commitment, your interest of working on that project start going down. So, it’s very important that you are making very detail analysis of work and decide timeline and price based on it.

Fixing poorly written code is nightmare:

Lokarpan project was started by some front end guy’s who make it almost nightmare to fix or making improvements of top of it. I personally think, it’s better to rewrite a codebase which is poorly coded in the past.


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