center text in SVG shapes

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Whenever you place text inside any SVG shape (rectangle, ellipse, circle etc), you would like to center text in SVG shape. In HTML placing a text relative to parent can be easily done using “text-align: center” property, similarly you can place text center of SVG shape with help of “text-anchor: middle”.  For SVG, it is not that straight forward but i will explain below, how you can achieve it.

Let’s first of all create an svg tag as follow:

Now lets add a <g> tag inside svg to group multiple tag inside.

Now let’s add a circle and text tag inside <g> tag.

See the Pen SVG circle with text by Techhysahil (@techhysahil) on CodePen.

Next thing we need to do is to add transform to  <g> tag, so that all tag inside <g> can be positioned relative to it.

See the Pen SVG element grouped realtive to by Techhysahil (@techhysahil) on CodePen.

Horizontally center:

As seen above, we had placed circle as well text relative to parent <g> position. Now finally you need to add text-anchor=”middle” property to text node which will make it horizontally center position to circle.

See the Pen horizontal center align text inside circle by Techhysahil (@techhysahil) on CodePen.

Vertical center:

Now text is horizontally center aligned but if you also want to make it vertical center, add alignment-baseline=”middle” as pointed out in one of  d3  js docs.


See the Pen horizontal and vertical center text in SVG by Techhysahil (@techhysahil) on CodePen.

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